John Hattie Video: Festival of Education in New Zealand

John Hattie is back home in New Zealand and has delivered a great and motivating speech at the Festival of Education.

The Festival took place in March 2014 and was supported by Cognition Education and the Ministry of Education. For educators it was a great opportunity to freely access world class speakers such as OECD’s Andreas Schleicher, DesignShare’s Christian Long and OISE’s former dean Michael Fullan from Canada as they shared their expertise on global trends in education. The Festival of Education with symposiums, chat room discussions, performances, exhibitions and showcases attracted over 30,000 people during five days in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland.

At the end of his keynote John Hattie concludes: “We can make a dramatic difference if we look at the success around us. It’s not out there, it’s already here! … Let’s stop the politics of distraction! … It’s the celebration of success that’s already here. It’s creating a dialogue in that community that we have world class teachers and schools in this country, not all of them but of incredible proportion, and how to privilege that. I hope you join that narrative!”

And that’s true not only for New Zealand but certainly for many other countries in the world. Enjoy the John Hattie video and look for success in the schools around you!

John Hattie Visible Learning meta-studyIf you want to learn more about John Hattie’s research you can find all the data and the underlying story in his books “Visible Learning” and “Visible Learning for Teachers”.

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One comment on “John Hattie Video: Festival of Education in New Zealand
  1. Sally Howard says:

    I really loved the BBC 4 radio interview ‘education’ and wish to share it around but don’t know how to get a copy ( free) to put up on the Sssociation for Science Education (ASE) and my colleagues in university based initial teacher education. I have just left Warwick university where I was a senior teaching fellow because I was fed up with colleagues not ‘listening’ and just fudging things for Ofsted and bluffing fir short term gains. Please can you help?
    I cowrote Inside the Primary Black Box with DR Chris Harrison ( editors Prof Paul Black and Dylan Wiliams)

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