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The Economist: John Hattie’s research and “Teaching the teachers”


The Economist, a liberal weekly newspaper, asked “How to make a good teacher” on the cover of its June 11th 2016 edition. An in-depth article about education reform cites John Hattie’s research and argues that good teachers are not born but can be trained.

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TIME Magazine : Four Ways to Give Good Feedback


Annie Murphy Paul is the author of Origins and Brilliant: The New Science of Smart and edits the weekly newsletter Brilliant Report. On the TIME magazine’s website she discusses four ideas of giving effective feedback, in relation to the feedback model of Hattie

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Debate about Hattie’s findings arrives in Germany


In January 2013, most of the German media reported about the “Hattie-Studie”, this is how they call John Hattie’s Visible Learning meta-study in German. One of the reasons for this buzz is certainly the upcoming publication of the German version

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TES: “Research reveals teaching’s Holy Grail”


Right after the publication of John Hattie’s meta-study Visible Learning the Times Educational Supplement published an article by Warwick Mansell who praised the book as “teaching’s holy grail”. Unsurprisingly this expression found its way to the book cover and was quoted again

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The Independent: John Hattie talks about British schools


Uniforms, academies, targets, class sizes: Are British schools worrying about the wrong things? John Hattie, author of Visible Learning and Visible Learning for Teachers, found that there are plenty of ways to improve performance in British schools. They’re just not

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TES interview with John Hattie: “Statements without evidence are just opinions”


In an interview with the Times Educational Supplement — who once dubbed his work the “holy grail” — John Hattie says the praise for his book Visible Learning is “a bit ambitious”. But then he continues in his characteristic outspokenness

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Visible Learning means an enhanced role for teachers as they become evaluators of their own teaching. Visible Teaching and Learning occurs when teachers see learning through the eyes of students and help them become their own teachers.

Visible Learning plus is a professional development programme for teachers. It provides an in-depth review and change model for schools based on John Hattie's research. With a seminar and support series the Visible Learning plus team helps schools to find out about the impact they are having on student achievement.