TES: “Research reveals teaching’s Holy Grail”

Visible Learning: Research reveals teaching's Holy GrailRight after the publication of John Hattie’s meta-study Visible Learning the Times Educational Supplement published an article by Warwick Mansell who praised the book as “teaching’s holy grail”. Unsurprisingly this expression found its way to the book cover and was quoted again and again in the following years. Here is the original article to provide some context to this strong wording:

It is perhaps education’s equivalent to the search for the Holy Grail – or the answer to life, the universe and everything. Grappled with by teachers and educationists for millennia, the perennial question goes a bit like this: if you could change one thing about the way our schooling system is run, what would it be?

Now, what is believed to be the largest ever educational research study – covering more than 80 million pupils and bringing together more than 50,000 smaller studies – has come up with the answer. (…)

The article was first published in the TES Newspaper on 21 November, 2008. You can read the full text here.

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