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Podcast with John Hattie about Visible Learning

Podcast with John Hattie

Teachers, educators, radio journalists and podcasters have asked John Hattie about Visible Learning. Listen to their podcasts and join the conversation. The Wellylearning Podcast Source: LearnFast John Hattie on the education politics of distraction and collaborative expertise. Source:

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John Hattie: „ I could not care less about how you teach!“ – Video


John Hattie delivered an interesting keynote speech at this year’s researchED conference in Melbourne, Australia, about „The status of evidence in education“. ResearchED is a teacher-led organization with the aim „to raise the research literacy of educators.“ You can watch the

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Video: Watch John Hattie’s Keynote On Collaborative Impact


Professor John Hattie gave a keynote presentation on “Collaborative Impact” in front of school leaders and principals at Cognition Education’s “Collaborative Impact: Research & Practice Conference 2017”. Watch the video to get some important updates on the Visible Learning story. Read on for

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Video: John Hattie’s keynote at the Whole Education Annual Conference


In this video John Hattie makes a point that reading, writing, maths scores are not a criteria of a good school. The excitement of learning and the process of learning are as critical as the outcomes. How do you make

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11 Questions to Professor John Hattie, asked by teachers and school leaders


Are you a teacher and surprised by some of the evidence found in the Visible Learning research? Wouldn’t it be great to discuss your questions directly with Professor Hattie? In 2016, Corwin, a partner of John Hattie’s professional development program Visible Learning Plus, has organized

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The Economist: John Hattie’s research and “Teaching the teachers”


The Economist, a liberal weekly newspaper, asked “How to make a good teacher” on the cover of its June 11th 2016 edition. An in-depth article about education reform cites John Hattie’s research and argues that good teachers are not born but can be trained.

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Hattie Ranking: Backup of 138 effects related to student achievement


The goal of this page is to keep track of our visualizations of the effect size list based on the Visible Learning research. John Hattie constantly updates his list. He has first published 138 effects in Hattie (2009) “Visible Learning”, then 150 effects in Hattie

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Visible Learning for Literacy – New Book by Hattie, Fisher, Frey


Visible Learning for Literacy is the newest book in John Hattie’s Visible Learning series. The authors John Hattie, Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey focus on literacy in grades K-12. They explore how to implement the practices that work best to accelerate student learning. If you

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Visible Learning World Conference – Day 2


Welcome to the second day of the Visible Learning World Conference in London. We’ll keep you updated with live impressions from the conference. For real-time updates make sure to follow the #VLWorld2016 hashtag on Twitter. Conference organizers Osiris Educational Panel discussion with Andy

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Visible Learning World Conference – Day 1


The Visible Learning World Conference 2016 took place in (surprisingly sunny) London. Here are some live impressions from the conference. For more updates and pictures make sure to check out the #VLWorld2016 hashtag on Twitter.   John Hattie   James

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About Visible Learning
Visible Learning means an enhanced role for teachers as they become evaluators of their own teaching. Visible Teaching and Learning occurs when teachers see learning through the eyes of students and help them become their own teachers.

Visible Learning plus is a professional development programme for teachers. It provides an in-depth review and change model for schools based on John Hattie's research. With a seminar and support series the Visible Learning plus team helps schools to find out about the impact they are having on student achievement.